YouTube is Second Biggest Search Engine

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Feb 162013

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Everybody knows that Google is the biggest search engine on the Internet. However, it is not commonly known that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet.

Video on the Internet is massive and is growing year on year. And YouTube is the biggest video sharing website. These headline stats demonstrate this:

  • 800 million unique users
  • 4 billion videos view daily
    • 2.8 million views every minute
  • 1 trillion video views in 2011
    • 140 views for every single human on earth

Companies and website owners spend a lot of time and money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure that Google ranks the website high enough to put their website on page 1, preferably at the top, of the results. Since YouTube is the number 2 search engine it makes sense for companies to spend a similar amount of time on making sure that YouTube searches also list them at the top.

However, before you can get listed in YouTube results you need to have videos on YouTube. This means that before companies even start thinking about how to get on page 1 of YouTube search results they need to think about producing videos. This means that the companies marketing teams need to develop a video marketing strategy. For smaller companies who have never done TV advertising this is probably the first time they have had to develop a video marketing strategy.

The marketeers need to consider what type of videos they want to produce. The videos could be:

  • Company history, future goals and objectives. Overview of the main products or services and reference customers and awards won.
Product or Service
  • Video promoting a specific product or product range. Obviously there is a lot of scope for creative input into this type of video. The more entertaining and informative the video is the more chance there is of reaching a large audience on YouTube. This example video uses a famous equine celebrity to promote the product.

“How to …”
  • YouTube is often used to learn how to do things and companies can demonstrate expertise in the same area that they sell products or services.
  • Event
    • A video of a company organised event.

Video Production

My video production company specialises in equine videos but I can assist with the production of cost effective YouTube videos for all types of companies. My company produced the example videos on this page.

For more details and example videos

Contact me by email

Set-up YouTube videos for optimised search results

Once the videos have been produced and uploaded to YouTube then companies must learn how to optimise the YouTube search by the correct use of Title, Description and the other YouTube set-up options for each video. YouTube uses all of these fields and other factors in its search and ranking algorithms to decide whether the video is at the top of page 1 or on page 5.

My video production company can advise on the above and also on other YouTube features such as YouTube channels or the best embed code to use to put the videos on your website.


Author: Chris Atkin

Chris Atkin is a videographer specialising in high quality equine videos which are typically used to sell your horse, promote your stallion or equine business or as a memento of a big competition. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and adverts can also be produced for broadcast on specialist equine satellite TV channels. Facebook, Twitter, Google+

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