Wales retain the Three Nations title

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Mar 162013

I do not watch a lot of rugby but after listening to a Welshman and an Englishman having a lively but friendly discussion about who was going to win I decided that it would be worth watching. Unfortunately I did not get back home in time to watch the first half but I watched the second half on my PC and listened to the commentary on Radio 5. Not ideal because video streaming is buffered which means that the radio commentary was about 15 seconds ahead of the video. Not ideal but it meant that I was just about to watch something exciting !

The second half was dominated by the Welsh and they deserved to win the match and the title. The Welsh seemed to have more determination. At around 48 minutes the Welsh were close to the English try line and they were relentless in keeping the pressure up. I actually thought England were defending well but eventually under the relentless and determined pressure from the Welsh a penalty was awarded to the Welsh and Halfpenny made it 12-3.

The Welsh seemed to grow in confidence and scored an excellent try when Cuthbert got clear and ran down the wing to score a try in the corner. It wasn’t converted but it didn’t matter because the points were coming think and fast. Around 65 minutes Cuthbert got another try which was converted.

The final score was 30-3. A 27 point win is the biggest ever win by Wales over England in a Six Nations match.

As somebody who does not normally watch rugby I thoroughly enjoyed the match even though, as an Englishman, it was not the perfect result :( but congratulations to the Welsh.


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