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Jun 102013

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I have been frustrated recently because the drivers have had to drive tactically rather than flat out to preserve their tyres. However, at Canada there were no tyre issues and the drivers were able to drive without needing to worry about preserving their tyres. The wet qualifying session had also mixed the grid up. Vettel was in pole position for the third time at Canada but he has never won the race.

As a spectator I am concerned that the race is a good show and was entertaining for the fans. Well at the front there was little entertainment – Vettel led almost the entire race except for a few laps during the pit stops to win by 14 seconds. However, he did scrape the wall on the exit of turn 4 and he also went off track on lap 52 which may have been a lapse of concentration but other than that there was no entertainment at the front.

However, behind Vettel there was plenty of entertainment. On lap 59 Hamilton was in second place with Alonso in 3rd place catching him. On lap 6o they caught up with Sutil who was being lapped and blue flagged and should therefore have let both of them past. However, he delayed Hamilton and was later penalised. On Lap 63 Hamilton firmly but fairly defended his position but Alonso finally got past him on the start/finish straight with DRS. It was very entertaining but with DRS it is almost inevitable that if the car behind is faster it will get past. Hamilton did try to use DRS to get back past Alonso but he did not have sufficient speed to get past Alonso.

I am in two minds about DRS. Before DRS, I do remember faster cars being unable to get past slower cars because the faster car lost downforce in the turbulence of the slower car. However, the very famous overtaking manoeuvre by Mansell on Senna at Hungary was absolutely brilliant and showed it could be done. But the problem is that with DRS the overtaking manoeuvre is easy. If the FIA could reduce the assistance that DRS provides so that a DRS overtake was still challenging I think that would make F1 more entertaining.

Massa crashed out in qualifying and started in 16th. He seemed to be constantly overtaking and provided plenty of entertainment to finish in 8th place. He seemed to over take more cars than rising 8 places indicates!

Di Resta also deserve credit for driving for 57 laps on his first set of tyres. He started in 17th and was trying a one stop strategy because he needed to try something different from this far back on the grid. The strategy worked and he finished in 7th place.

I always enjoy watching Raikkonen but on lap 23 he was told that he had to save fuel because the fuel consumption was higher than the team expected so he didn’t feature in any on exciting overtaking manoeuvres.

Overall, an entertaining race which was marred by the news that a marshall died in an incident recovering a car after the race. StreetStance sends condolences to the marshalls family and friends.


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