Rolling Stones at Glastonbury

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Jul 012013

Rolling Stones - Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards

photo credit: Ryan W. Woodland via photopin cc (Photo not from Glastonbury)

I love music and I used to go to a lot of gigs when I was younger but as I have grown older I have stopped going to gigs. I never made a decision to stop going I just seemed to have other things to do. I have seen some great gigs:

  • The original Live Aid was the first charity gig and the emotion at Wembley stadium was just unbelievable especially after the Cars video of “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home”. Best band of the day were Queen and Freddie Mercury. Although a lot of people will say it was U2 who were good but not in Freddie’s league!
  • Bruce Springsteen, who I saw twice, was brilliant live
  • Pink Floyd performing The Wall were brilliant but it was more like going to the theatre than to a rock gig
  • Eric Clapton was on a double bill at Wembley with Elton John and Eric stole the show
  • Roachford at a small venue in Brum created a fantastic atmosphere following their chart hit with Cuddly Toy

I have also been to see The Rolling Stones twice but only seen them once. I got as far as the Wembley Stadium underground station before discovering that Keith Richards had hurt a finger and could not play his guitar so the gig had to be rescheduled. When I went to see the rearranged gig they were brilliant. I know they had been around a long time but it was like hit after hit after hit. A fantastic gig.

I did not go to Glastonbury. Sorry, but I am too old to go camping and queuing for toilets in the morning. I must admit I did not even plan to watch the Stones on TV but I was channel hopping before going to bed and got stuck watching them. Even the televised concert was brilliant. The 100,000 people who were there were very lucky.

Mick Jagger was brilliant. There are very few people who can engage with a massive crowd. For me, Freddie Mercury was the best but others include – Bruce Springsteen & Robbie Williams. Its hard to believe that Mick Jagger is 69 – although I bet the party afterwards was a little tame compared to their early days!

The lighting, stage craft and firework finale were all brilliant adding to the experience. I must admit I don’t have that many Stone’s albums but I knew almost every song. Jagger still has a fantastic voice and the production and sound quality was superb. It would have been fantastic to be there but I enjoyed it from the comfort of my lounge on TV.


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