F1 Hungary: Grosjean incidents add excitement

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Jul 282013
Result Driver Team
1st Hamilton Mercedes
2nd Raikkonen Lotus
3rd Vettel Red Bull
4th Webber Red Bull
5th Alonso Ferrari
6th Grosjean Lotus
7th Button McLaren
8th Massa Ferrari
9th Perez McLaren
10th Maldonado Williams

I make notes during the race so that I can write an interesting post for this website following the race. The notes I made during the Hungarian Grand Prix were the shortest of any race so far this season. This may be partly due to the fact that I watched the highlights on the BBC but I think in reality it reflects the fact that there were only a few bits of excitement.

Grosjean drove a fantastic race and deserved more than 6th place. He qualified in 3rd place and for the most part he drove an excellent race:

  • His overtaking manoeuvre on Massa on lap 29 round the outside was brilliant and brave.
    • It was really unfortunate that he had all four wheels outside the white lines on the exit of the turn and so was given a drive through penalty. While I accept that rules are rules and have to be applied consistently it is really unfortunate when an overtaking manoeuvre is penalised.
  • His less brilliant moment in the race was when he overtook Button but pulled back over too soon and drove into the side of Button. Clumsy and rightly penalised after the race with a 20 second penalty.

Hamilton drove a good race but the race was won when Vettel and Grosjean were held up for around 8 laps by Button. Button was on a different strategy so there is no criticism of his driving but despite DRS it was not possible for Vettel’s and Grosjean’s faster cars to get past Button’s McLaren. The Hungarian circuit has always been a notoriously difficult track over take on and this proved to be the case again despite the current technical rules which should make over taking easier.

In conclusion, not the most exciting race but it did have its moments. And congratulations to Hamilton for his first win with Mercedes.


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